What is a Utility area Network?

What is a Utility area Network?

Perhaps you have even attemptedto translate computer jargon into real language a regular person can
understand? It's nearly impossible! It's almost like computer junkies do not want us commoners
know what they are discussing. Take, as an example, a utility area network. Since I have no idea
anything about this topic, I choose to search the Internet for information. My results include
mention of information likely developed in an overseas language. Cloud

Not to pick on Wikipedia, however definition was the first one I came across. All the others I
found were almost as bad when describing utility area networks. In accordance with Wikipedia,
"In computing, a Storage space Network (SAN) is surely an architecture to add remote computer
storage devices such as disk array controllers, tape libraries and CD arrays to server in this
way that to the os the devices appear as locally attached devices...By contrast with a
SAN, Network Attached Storage (NAS), uses file-based protocols including NFS or SMB/CIFS
where it is clear how the storage is remote, and computers request some of an abstract file
instead of a disk block."

What? I do believe I understand less in what a SAN or storage area network is than ever before I just read the
definition. I guess there needs to be a unique dictionary published simply for computer jargon.
Specially when they borrow another word widely used to mean something different. This
definition calls a storage space network an architecture. Once i think of architecture, I
automatically think of a specific building style, like Tudor architecture. Who does have
ever guessed you could also utilize the term architecture to spell it out the way you build a computer
system. Do you need your Apple Macbook Pro with Tudor architecture or Victorian
architecture? Sorry, however i were required to look this term as much as find what it meant in computer jargon.
Should you have to look up the word a definition? Cloud

The following point that bothers me about computer definitions is the quantity of acronyms they use. If
I don't know what something means and also have to look up a definition, I probably also do not know
exactly what the acronyms indicate. Spell them out, please! For example, what's NSF? How about
SMB/CIFS? For those I know, they're contagious diseases.

I assume it just proves there's a area of the brain that thinks like a computer. Similar to most other
talents, you can contain it otherwise you don't. While a single person can read the definition of a storage space
network are available away using a clear concept of what are the term means, many of us cannot wrap our
brains across the idea.

A few things i gather from things i read is always that a Storage Area Network will be the software and hardware
that produces the Storage Area Network architecture work. If you do not configure and correct the
SAN properly, there isn't any connectivity between other systems.


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